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Hearing Loss

Guide to better hearing

You have made an important decision to begin the process of using hearing aids. This workbook is a result of a year-long study to learn what causes the difference between a person who uses their hearing aids all of their waking hours, versus a person who rarely or casually uses their hearing aids. From this study we have isolated five principles which are the factors of success. Each factor is discussed in a chapter of this workbook. Keep a pen or pencil handy and make notes as you use the book. Review this text often to help you understand the 5 Steps and you will grow to become proficient at using your new hearing aids.

Click on any step below to review:
  • Step 1: Admit I have a hearing problem
  • Step 2: Make a choice to seek help
  • Step 3: Learn all I can about it
  • Step 4: Set realistic expectations
  • Step 5: Your keys to success

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